Derailing Distraction: Getting back on track

too-busyI have become completely distracted from this project…  While I’m still cognizant of my steps (still smoke free, still aiming to be more sustainable), I have not been working actively towards any of them…   Staying smoke free is about the only goal I’ve managed to keep up.  As far as everything else, it’s mostly in the blindside.  I’ve just allowed myself to become completely distracted, convincing myself that I don’t have time for anything, least of all the stuff that’s important to me.  The Project’s been there though – on my to-do list, in the back of my mind… It’s been weighing on me and it’s time to get back on track.

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I just read a really great blog entry about living a hands-free life.  It’s such a beautiful concept.

It started when I clicked on an article title that struck me from my Daily Good subscription: “The day I stopped saying ‘hurry up.’”  That led me through a couple of entries from an interesting blogger, Hands Free Mama.  Her whole blog is dedicated to her journey of living a “Hands-Free Life” – a life where she is not constantly distracted by a glowing screen or what she needs to do next, but a life where she takes the time to live, to focus on the events and people and things that are really most important to her. Continue reading

A Little Pick-Me-Up

I recently watched an episode of TEDTalks: Life Hacks program on Netflix.  This particular TEDTalks program claims to provide “simple tricks that can transform your life.”

Click to check out Jane McGonigal's SuperBetter game.

Click to check out Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter game.

The episode I watched was a talk by Jane McGonigal: “The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years of Life.” Suffering a traumatic head injury leads McGonigal to some insightful discoveries about the power of game play for recovery and life in general.  I found this to be particularly interesting because I feel like my experiment is a bit like a game. It’s not exactly the same, but I think there are some similarities.

After my 29th birthday last month, I found myself pretty fed up with the same shit I always find myself fed up with periodically.  It all boils down to the fact that my actions do not match my ideals.  In essence, I’m not leading the life I feel I should be leading. Continue reading

Airing My Dirty Dishes


Click to read “Dirty Dishes Cause Debt” from Pioneer Thinking.

I’m sitting at work this morning, distracted (it’s a constant problem the last couple of weeks), and I decide to do a little personal account management – check my emails, peruse Facebook, do a little Pinteresting.  You know, just kill time.

At any rate, as Internet meanderers tend to do, I find myself three or four clicks deep and end up clicking on a link about eliminating debt.  Hey!  This is one of my Scenes I’m working on!  So, on a third-generation click-thru, I end up at “Dirty Dishes Cause Debt,” by Jill Cooper of Pioneer Thinking.

Basically Cooper’s theory is that a dirty kitchen leads to increased wasteful spending.  You come home after a long day at work, the dishes are piled up in both basins of the sink, the trash can is overflowing and the counters are stained with a few mornings’ of rushed coffee making.  Now, having not been to the grocery store in a week would be on my list somewhere too, but to be honest, I have plenty of food in the house that I could cook – I just don’t want to.  Who would want to cook around all of that mess, or go through the effort to clean it all first so you can cook when you’ve been working all day and you’re just ready to pop something in the microwave and watch some TV? Continue reading


I am using the hell out of my Pintrest account for this project.  I got the thing a year ago, and never really put it to use outside of procrastination…  Well, now it’s actually helping serve a purpose.  It’s a great place to store and organize things I want to be able to refer back to or read later, and it can be helpful in locating more ideas.

This weekend I’ve done some study on my standard purchases and have been researching ways to either eliminate those purchases by making them at home with natural ingredients or by replacing them with other items in the house; or if I can’t make or replace it, then I can at least look at the most environmentally friendly alternative and the most green company to purchase it from.

Hopefully there will be more to report on how this change is going later.  I still have a lot of items that I will not replace once I run out of them.  That should give me time in the meantime to look into making alternatives.

In the meantime:  Pintrest.

Just An Update

Not much to tell…  I’m almost a week and a half into my Quit, and things are looking up.  Day 6 was the first day that I felt normal again.  It’s funny how I find myself marveling that I am doing all things I used to do but without smoking, as if somehow I believed all of that to be impossible without smoking before, after or during.

I still have refrained from really telling anyone about my Quit.  The people closest to me know (one nonsmoker, one former smoker, and two active smokers).  One of those people has also decided to Quit, and I am her Support.  She seems to be doing well (she’s heading into the worst of it Days 3-5 right now), and I’ve found that being a support to her has helped me.

Through talking with her, I am able to reinforce my reasons for quitting, to talk with someone about the struggles of quitting, and to remain positive about it.  It’s helped in that it’s sort of forced me to not focus so much attention on my Quit.  My Quit is just sort of happening in the background now. I am still having some withdrawals…  The cravings are there but are more mild; however, when they happen I find it difficult to focus on what I’m doing.  I still have a little bit of irritability, especially late in the day.  The worst symptom right now seems to be the digestive problems.

I haven’t noticed a lot of great health benefits yet.  I feel good though, so that’s enough.  Once I work through all the drainage and sinus issues that are still going on, I’m sure my sense of smell and taste will rebounds.  Breathing is improving, I think, but it’s hard to tell at this early stage.

I am looking forward to getting started on my next project this weekend.  Focus at work is still difficult, but I don’t think that issue is related.  If I can get through a good chunk of work today, I can focus all my attention on my project this weekend.  We’ll see.


QuitNet provides a 24/7 support community, personal quit stats, chat rooms and forums, export support blog and chats, quitting guide, medication guide, self-assessment tools and more.

My QuitNet Gadget.  Click to visit the QuitNet site.

My QuitNet Gadget. Click to visit the QuitNet site.

It has been a super valuable tool for me both times that I have attempted to Quit. Early on during my Quit, it seemed like I visited the page every time I wanted a cigarette – and judging by the fact that the number of visits to QuitNet very closely matched the number of cigarettes not smoked during those first few days, I’d say that is about right.

The quit gadget is a great reinforcer and motivator. It keeps track of your Quit stats based on your Quit date and details of your smoking habit. It provides you with the amount of time you have been smoke free down to the second; the number of cigarettes not smoked; lifetime saved (not really sure how that is calculated, but it’s interesting to note); and money saved.

QuitNet also sends me a daily tip via email. They are pretty well tailored to where you are in your Quit.

I’d definitely recommend this online community to anyone setting out to Quit smoking.

The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff Project is something I stumbled across sometime last year…  Not really sure how, probably something a Facebook friend shared.  At any rate, It makes some great points.

Click to view the video.

Click to view the video.

The Story of Stuff

“From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.”